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Deadly Geminis

This thrilling anthology of short stories is a killer


Dark tales of villains snared in their own webs of deceit will keep you reading to find out what happens.

This collection includes A Crime Thriller, A Paranormal Romance, A Psychological Drama, An Occult Mystery, A Psychological Thriller, A Journey to Freedom, and A Reclamation of Justice.

Those who have it coming get it from their targets, ghosts, hungry alligators and the devil himself!


Harvest Moon Wish and Other Short Stories



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Hitchcockian suspense with an unexpected twist! 

A small town’s resident paranormal expert goes missing. The fiancé of a God-fearing, churchgoing woman of means starts choking. A swimmer splashes through hurdles. Two lonely people, living far apart, make a wish upon a brilliant harvest moon. A forty-eight-year-old mechanic has a nervous habit of throwing lit matches on the ground. A landlord falls for her tenant’s low, soft voice. The owner of a roadside diner lives in hock to a surly pawnbroker. A svelte redhead in a black dress and spiked high heels returns a favor in a hospital. A young female finds herself married to someone she doesn’t know. Secrets await discovery in Room 42. A woman attempts to outrun her past by applying for a position as a nanny. The music of a mysterious mandolin player circles the watchtower in a small fishing village. A lithe female draped in a flowing, translucent gown takes a surprising turn in a tango. Traveling with light luggage may prove dangerous to one’s health. Darkness on the mean streets of Southern California transcends to intoxicating love. 

Sixty stories of suspense, laughter, love, heartbreak, curiosity, mystery, and magic unfold in Harvest Moon Wish and Other Short Stories. This collection takes the reader into characters’ life experiences, spanning time and continents from birth to death and beyond those boundaries. In the flavor of O. Henry with Alfred Hitchcock’s flair for suspense, readers who enjoy twists, turns, and the unexpected should find these tales engaging, challenging, and enjoyable.


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NEW BOOK! Bourbon Street Nocturne and Other Short Stories
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BOOK TRAILER Bourbon Street Nocturne and Other Short Stories

Not for Polite Society and Other Short Stories
Buy an autographed book with a custom bookmark for only $15!
Shipping and Handling included. Available for U.S. customers only. All sales final.

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A Transformative Journey, A Dark Fantasy, A Psychological Drama, A Romantic Suspense, and An Unconventional Horror Story. . .Don't wait to read what happens next!

These tales of inner darkness, rebirth and ultimately, deliverance will spin readers through webs of deceit, mayhem, and story twists, offering up a new element in Elle Stockton's stories. . .second chances.

The unifying thread of second chances in these five stories will keep readers on tenterhooks until the last word.


New! Book Trailer. Not for Polite Society and  Other Short Stories

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