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You are entering a world of romantic suspense and psychological thrills enhanced by magic, twists, turns, and the unexpected. Once you delve into the lives of characters to whom you relate and their experiences filled with mystery, suspense, and unexpected plot twists, you will want to remain here forever. You are welcome to become a permanent resident with these mesmerizing stories to be read again and again.

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Elle Stockton

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Harvest Moon Wish and Other Short Stories

New Work by Elle Stockton

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Bourbon Street Nocturne and Other Short Stories

NEWEST  WORK  by Elle Stockton

A Transformative Journey, A Dark Fantasy, A Psychological Drama, A Romantic Suspense, and An Unconventional Horror Story. . .Don't wait to read what happens next!

The unifying thread of second chances in these five stories will keep readers on tenterhooks until the last word.

These tales of inner darkness, rebirth and ultimately, deliverance will spin readers through webs of deceit, mayhem, and story twists, offering up a new element in Elle Stockton's stories. . .second chances.

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and Other Short Stories


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