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Bongo Bongo Room

Trader Vic's Zombie cocktails have a way of creeping up on a person. Before one realizes it, s/he has become a zombie who cannot move. That's what happened to the fella whose head dropped into the soup. Two waiters helped carry him out with that deathly grin on his face.

Here is the recipe for anyone who wants to feel nothing.


Trader Vic published this version of the cocktail in his 1946 “Book of Food and Drink."

– 1 oz Jamaican rum – 2 oz Puerto Rican rum – ½ oz Demerara 151-proof rum – 1 oz Orange Curacao – 1 oz lemon juice – 1 oz orange juice – ½ oz grenadine – 2 dashes of Pernod or Herbsaint

Put the ingredients in a large mixing glass with a large piece of ice; stir well and pour over cracked ice in a 14 ounce chimney glass.

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